Same old, same old….not enough seats at lunch

April 15th, 2011


Though lunch was great and ran into an old case team member.  He went down the Finance route as so many did at Columbia.

Gets the old juices flowing

April 15th, 2011


Fantastic case study in entrpreneurial session.  Possible creation of new brain cells.  Huge entrepreneurial program now at Columbia.

What predicts entrpreneurial success….Columbia talk

April 15th, 2011


Starting lots of ventures.  Volume counts.  So starting somewhat early helps…since volume counts!

Too much blogging….too little focus…

April 15th, 2011

On catching the train.  And media companies wonder where their audience has gone!  I have things to share.  No time for The Today Show or the train schedule!

Desk research for MBA papers

April 15th, 2011

We used books….magazines….newsletters….annual statistical volumes….it didn’t feel like we had no data….I had used online economic data at my pre-MBA job.  I was very modern.

In the land before the Internet and Google.

Getting ready to take the train into NYC.  Used app for train schedule….paper schedule, anyone?

The MBA Now and Then

April 14th, 2011

The MBA of yesteryear….without a PC, without PowerPoint, without a cell phone….how did we do it? How did we organize our case groups without email or shared calendars? Did we actually meet as a team vs. on conference calls? Did everyone even have an answering machine?

I still read The Wall Street Journal….though I prefer it on the iPad. I still use a calculator. I still need the people skills we needed back then.

So, I’m off to my 30th reunion at Columbia. Off to learn some new ways…I’ll be taking the subway just as I did those many years ago, but I am sure we will all be heads down in our smart phones now.

What was I doing then?

A time far, far ago….

April 14th, 2011

Does this bring back any memories?

Just back from a wonderful trip to Tunisia.  Where everyone has a cell phone.  And service is great across the whole country, including the Sahara.  I want my clients to remember that cell penetration of advanced devices is high across the world and many folks are “out and about” with their cell vs. at a desk in an office having driven there (the suburban American paradigm!).

Wonder if they get much usage?

Movies By All Means!

January 8th, 2011

The holidays were delightful this year and I hope the same for all of you.  Happy New Year!

I also enjoyed movies….By All Means!

This is a great time of year for movies as they queue up the real Oscar contenders now.

And we sat around the “electronic hearth” enjoying old movie favorites with friends and family.

A highlight was certainly our True Grit day where we saw the Coen film (excellent!) in the afternoon and then came home and watched the John Wayne version (also excellent, but quite different!) on Comcast Video-On-Demand.

Also sampled in the Comcast Holiday films.  (Good idea, Comcast!).  Home Alone 2 and other treats.

I am currently testing out the Comcast iPad app.  One excellent application was checking out if various obscure Oscar contenders might be available somewhere in the 500 channel universe.  And they were!

But I feared that my VOD bill was going to be astronomical so I queued up Chariots of Fire to watch for free via iPad scheduling of recordings.  Most excellent holiday movie, except…….some goof was made by someone.  I only got two hours of Chariots.  Was that an EPG (electronic programming guide) goof or a goof by the iPad app or “operator error”.  Don’t know.

But here I am with no Chariots ending.  However, in the spirit of “Movies By All Means”, I found the movie available on the Netflix streaming service and promptly watched the rest of it on my gorgeous iMac!

Nevertheless, I like the Comcast iPad app….easier somehow to find things on that EPG vs. the TV EPG.  On yet another holiday afternoon, I found that When Harry Met Sally was playing on channel 473.  Who even knew what was offered on 473.  And they can’t fool me twice, I recorded extra time but didn’t need it.

The Consumer Electronics Show is on in Vegas right now.  Lots of gadgets and gizmos.  There will be some 80 tablets come to market this year.  But I’m probably most interested in a higher functioned TV set with direct Internet access, streaming etc.

Because then, I can get “Movies By Even More Means”!

Jet lag, newspapers, changing habits….

November 16th, 2010

This morning I’m caught in an earlier time zone than the one my body is in.  So, I was up drinking coffee which triggers the desire to page through newspapers, but they aren’t here….

I see on the iPad that the Denver Post has dropped an updated app.  I think it’s better than previous versions, but I can’t put my finger on why.  I’m still not crazy about the fact that it’s really an iPhone app which I expand by 2X.  Come on people!

Then, there is the guilty pleasure of the New York Post on the iPad…..

The Post always grab your attention!

…..including the fun photos “you know where”:

Yes, I looked them all over this morning

And while reading other news articles,  The New York Times alerts me on the iPad of the impending royal wedding when that news dropped.

The Wall Street Journal continues to be a delight on the iPad.  Bravo!  Video on the Caterpillar – Bucyrus acquisition, Apple and the Beatles, and the new FaceBook messaging system.  More photos to enjoy than the paper product….too numerous to mention.

I could simply open up one of my laptops and browse the web version, but there’s something about the form factor of the iPad that is just great as your little companion at the breakfast table.

Just right with coffee and toast?

No wonder Mashable is currently talking about what a Christmas the iPad is going to have.   And yes, Samsung, Dell and others are hustling tablets out the door at more and more retail locations.  Black Friday, anyone?

The iPad Lifestyle

November 9th, 2010

I’ve written previously about what a great device the iPad is for news and weather and of course, how addictive Angry Birds is.

But now I can also share what a delightful device it is for partnering with you on lifestyle interests.

Perhaps it’s the fall that brings out the cooking, holiday prep, crafts side of me….but the iPad is certainly helping.

Home decoration and crafts are in the air!

I saw in the weekly recommendations the $3.99 Better Homes and Gardens Celebrate app which focuses on fall entertaining, Thanksgiving and Christmas and is a great app.   The way you investigate the various parties, menus and events for each occasion is just delightful.  The pictures are marvelous.  Every recipe I open I want to make.  Now, we must step back and acknowledge that the Better Homes and Gardens folks have surely had a print product each holiday season.  But it never got in my shopping cart.

There are just the cutest recipes and pix.  The microwave caramels, the red-hot popcorn balls, baked ham with cherry glaze and on and on…

Then I heard that had launched their iPad app this past week.  And they have a very nice app. Love the reviews for the recipes.  I’m game right now for the Herb Roasted Pork!

The form factor for the iPad is excellent in the kitchen.  You can glance over and look at the instructions and ingredients list.  This is not as easy if you need to duck your head down to look on the screen of a laptop.  However, beware drips and greasy fingers!

To top it all off, the Wall Street Journal fun article on the front cover (you know the article I mean) recently dealt with “cherpumple”….the combo cake, cherry pie, pumpkin pie and apple pie in three layers.  The print article was most engaging, but on the iPad there were many cool pix of cherpumples finished and in process.

Note to the people:  where’s your cherpumple recipe?


Don’t tell my clients, but I’m off to work on my holiday centerpiece.

It's a work in progress!