How to be “road kill” in the bundling game

Bundling products together adds value for customers.

But what if you are the standalone product like a AAA membership?

I think one of the big car insurers is bundling in an Emergency Roadside Service feature into their offering as a retention tool.  Allstate?

And now Firestone wants me in their “Extra Mile Club”. ¬†(Does my car have that many problems that I’m “special” to Firestone?)

Apparently, I now have Emergency Roadside Service as part of being in the Extra Mile Club.

Just what do I do when AAA comes around to be renewed?

AAA – road kill in the bundling game?


And beware, Grease Monkey. ¬† Apparently Firestone wants to eat your lunch too with a hot coupon for an oil change….but more on couponing in my next post.

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