So good in so many ways!

You may recollect that I renewed my Denver Post subscription in the fall.  See my ten reasons for continuing the subscription at:

After all, I could just get all my news from social media…..

Now the Denver Post has delighted me with their new Digital Replica Edition.  So good in so many ways:

  1. Perfect on a snowy morning:

    The physical Post so close, yet so far on a snowy morning

  2. Has every article, ad, and column.  It’s the paper!

    Looks nice - press any article and it expands to be read

  3. Allows you to share conveniently.  Because I’ve got to be tweeting, FaceBooking and (sometimes) sending old-fashioned emails.
  4. Great price.  I think it’s about $1 a month on top of my subscription.  A very fair price, but $1 more than they have been getting from me with the current iPad version.
  5. Eliminates me frowning and growling when the paper is late.

Congrats to the Denver Post!

(But do try to get the physical paper here earlier…..or you know where this is going… longer any physical Wall Street Journal showing up here!)

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