The new USPS model – like garbage pick-up?

Why do we get mail once a day, except Sunday and holidays?

Our garbage isn’t picked up every day?

Would it be a terrible thing if the paper bills (if you still get any) came in once a week?  Do you really pay them every day as they come in?  And haven’t you just been procrastinating in moving more bills to electronic methods?

But you say….what about the weekly magazine?  Answer:  iPad, Kindle.  Magazines belong there.  Was just reading my Fortune on the iPad.  Excellent!

And if you want service more days a week, then pay for it as a premium service? Platinum for every day, gold for every other day, silver for twice a week.  Once a week delivery is complementary.

Or perhaps junk mail companies would be willing to pay for certain highly desired customers to receive service more than weekly?


But let’s be data-based in our comments.  Here’s a week’s worth of mail held by the USPS:

A week's mail

Contents were:

Total pieces:  53

  • Bills or statements – Sixteen (that’s too many – must move more electronic, but none due in the one week timeframe)
  • Magazines – Four
  • Junk mail – Twenty-three (none time sensitive that I could see and nearly 45% of the mail)
  • Late arriving Christmas cards – Four  (and thank you very much)
  • The neighbor’s mail – Two

Items requiring same day action:  Zero!

Does this really merit the hands-on attention of personal delivery each and every day?


And further, you can’t actually leave any real mail in your mail box since that’s subject to identity theft.  Or is that an urban legend?  I think not since I just read an article advising people to have a post office box in which to receive their tax statements as these are subject to identity theft on the inbound side.

Should we all go back to mail boxes at the post office?  Is that an option?  With delivery once a week for what you haven’t collected?

Companies, not-for-profits, government institutions etc. who don’t undertake radical change risk catastrophic failure.

Free mail delivery once a week.


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