The Ten Top Reasons I Renewed the Denver Post

The Pew Charitable Trust recently reported that some 70% of survey respondents said they would not miss their local paper.  Hmmm.

But I did just renew my Denver Post subscription.  There were plenty of reasons not to go this way:

  1. So much of the news in the paper seems like it happened two days ago.  I already saw a headline alert as much as 18 – 24 hours before it is “re-reported” in the Post.  I look through the paper in a bemused way as I examine yesterday’s news.
  2. There is so little written by the Post, which I can understand, as they have cut, cut, cut staff.  I’ve already read the “long form” version in The New York Times.
  3. Recent feature articles seemed long and very self important.  Hmmm.
  4. There’s that weird section each Thursday which I immediately throw out which seems like hyper-local news (a good thing) but I get a strong impression that the B team puts it together.
  5. I love the afternoon Denver Post Headlines email….even if they do repeat the morning news headlines (don’t do that!).  You do get a good snapshot of what’s happened locally during the day.  Who the cops shot at etc.
  6. And I can always go to the Denver Post website and use their iPad app:

    Look at those finger prints - hours of iPad usage!

But I still renewed and here’s the top 10 reasons why:

  1. How would I have known about the corn maze south of Greeley?
  2. Occasionally, there are very interesting articles about events in Denver, for example, the new art museum opening on November 18.
  3. I love the Thursday leisure section article where some amusing dignitary in town is interviewed at an interesting “watering hole”.  I don’t want to read it online as someone puts together a really wonderful photo montage each week.
  4. The Sunday business section has that interesting Wall Street Journal insert. You’d think I would have had enough WSJ 6 days a week, but I like the insert.  Interesting columns – loved the column with the Dad and his two sons.
  5. How would I know when the Clinique “gift with purchase” is happening at Macy’s?
  6. Where else would I see pictures of the charity lunch I went to?
  7. My boyfriend does the puzzles while I cook.
  8. Reading through the paper is an excellent safety net for articles I could have missed elsewhere.  This happened today.
  9. It’s quick and painless to read through……no guilt about deeply important articles that I should be reading.
  10. The Sports Section is where I look for scores and standings across my favorite sports.  And, for some reason, I like knowing who made how much money each week on the PGA.  Plus I need the articles on the Broncos to retain my full status as a Denver resident!

So, we’ll give it another year and see if I can justify it once again.  But please, work on some good feature stories….

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