First, it was nearly impossible….and then 20 billion!

Just a quick note to all my fellow new product developers….who struggle mightily in the trenches with balky technologies and other challenges.

I put a fair amount of “blood, sweat and tears” into Video-on-Demand, including testing the service with mocked up systems that NEVER could have been deployed.

In a time before the iPad, the Droid, FaceBook, Bing, 140 character tweets etc.

With important corporate partners, none of whom exist today in the same corporate structure.


Comcast has just announced reaching 20 billion views of its VOD system.  20 billion views!

Could that mean that the whole industry has had north of 40 billion views?

So, my fellow new product developers.  Keep the faith.  Understand customer needs.  Struggle with systems, devices, processes, departments etc.

It is worth the fight!

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