Never the same way twice…..

For years we’ve talked about the 7 hours a day of TV viewing by households.  I’m not sure I’ve ever reached that profound goal.  But this week, I was chuckling to myself about all the methods I had used on just a couple of days to “watch TV”:

  • A Video-On-Demand episode of a favorite show
  • A Youtube of a boys’ choir imitating cats (ok – a friend sent it to me and it is pretty funny!)
  • An episode of The Office on Hulu
  • A DVR episode of a news program I missed
  • Video clips of finalists from American Idol embedded in a newspaper article.  (And yes, I did want to watch a video from The New York Times on artfully using scarves as a fashion accessory, but I’ve got to get some work done.)

I’m glad I don’t program a linear network these days.  And I’m happy I’m not an advertiser trying to chase audience.  Although I have to say that the ads were quite artfully slipped in the Hulu episode and in the VOD I watched.  Good work!


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