Blogging ups and downs….but mostly ups!

Blogging, blogging, blogging at my 30th MBA reunion at Columbia.  On my Droid and on my iPad. Sometimes blogging directly and sometimes tweeting.  The message is that whatever you do as a business person to communicate with your constituencies, you have to know that someone is sharing with the wider world virtually immediately.  With photos.

Minute-by-minute tweeting!

And devices are “sort of” coordinated across services, though pix did not seem to come through to the Bright Beacon FaceBook page very well off the Droid.  And some tweets showed up on LinkedIn and some did not.

So, there’s more to this than meets the eye…..for example, the interesting blog I wrote last Saturday about the social enterprise space simply never got posted at all. (Reposted below!)

Social media must be part of a coordinated marketing game plan, but I definitely do not agree with a fellow alum that you have to pick FaceBook or Twitter or….as you can’t do it all.  You Can (even in a mobile mode if you can get all the interactions between services and devices worked out!).



The pix above from the Saturday morning first session (April 16)… noted by the prof, very few younger alums….tired out from the reception the previous eve?

Here was my blog post that got stuck on a dead end road on the information super highway:

“At the session this am.  I think tons of serious types went to the Finance session.

Comment made that micro-funding has fallen out of vogue.  Hmmm.

Beware green washing.  Customers are smart.  Customers are looking for honesty, not perfection.

Health care a Very promising area for social enterprise.


Darn….there is a power plug right at my seat.  We didn’t have that.  What would we have plugged in?  An iron?”

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