Movies By All Means!

The holidays were delightful this year and I hope the same for all of you.  Happy New Year!

I also enjoyed movies….By All Means!

This is a great time of year for movies as they queue up the real Oscar contenders now.

And we sat around the “electronic hearth” enjoying old movie favorites with friends and family.

A highlight was certainly our True Grit day where we saw the Coen film (excellent!) in the afternoon and then came home and watched the John Wayne version (also excellent, but quite different!) on Comcast Video-On-Demand.

Also sampled in the Comcast Holiday films.  (Good idea, Comcast!).  Home Alone 2 and other treats.

I am currently testing out the Comcast iPad app.  One excellent application was checking out if various obscure Oscar contenders might be available somewhere in the 500 channel universe.  And they were!

But I feared that my VOD bill was going to be astronomical so I queued up Chariots of Fire to watch for free via iPad scheduling of recordings.  Most excellent holiday movie, except…….some goof was made by someone.  I only got two hours of Chariots.  Was that an EPG (electronic programming guide) goof or a goof by the iPad app or “operator error”.  Don’t know.

But here I am with no Chariots ending.  However, in the spirit of “Movies By All Means”, I found the movie available on the Netflix streaming service and promptly watched the rest of it on my gorgeous iMac!

Nevertheless, I like the Comcast iPad app….easier somehow to find things on that EPG vs. the TV EPG.  On yet another holiday afternoon, I found that When Harry Met Sally was playing on channel 473.  Who even knew what was offered on 473.  And they can’t fool me twice, I recorded extra time but didn’t need it.

The Consumer Electronics Show is on in Vegas right now.  Lots of gadgets and gizmos.  There will be some 80 tablets come to market this year.  But I’m probably most interested in a higher functioned TV set with direct Internet access, streaming etc.

Because then, I can get “Movies By Even More Means”!

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