The iPad Lifestyle

I’ve written previously about what a great device the iPad is for news and weather and of course, how addictive Angry Birds is.

But now I can also share what a delightful device it is for partnering with you on lifestyle interests.

Perhaps it’s the fall that brings out the cooking, holiday prep, crafts side of me….but the iPad is certainly helping.

Home decoration and crafts are in the air!

I saw in the weekly recommendations the $3.99 Better Homes and Gardens Celebrate app which focuses on fall entertaining, Thanksgiving and Christmas and is a great app.   The way you investigate the various parties, menus and events for each occasion is just delightful.  The pictures are marvelous.  Every recipe I open I want to make.  Now, we must step back and acknowledge that the Better Homes and Gardens folks have surely had a print product each holiday season.  But it never got in my shopping cart.

There are just the cutest recipes and pix.  The microwave caramels, the red-hot popcorn balls, baked ham with cherry glaze and on and on…

Then I heard that had launched their iPad app this past week.  And they have a very nice app. Love the reviews for the recipes.  I’m game right now for the Herb Roasted Pork!

The form factor for the iPad is excellent in the kitchen.  You can glance over and look at the instructions and ingredients list.  This is not as easy if you need to duck your head down to look on the screen of a laptop.  However, beware drips and greasy fingers!

To top it all off, the Wall Street Journal fun article on the front cover (you know the article I mean) recently dealt with “cherpumple”….the combo cake, cherry pie, pumpkin pie and apple pie in three layers.  The print article was most engaging, but on the iPad there were many cool pix of cherpumples finished and in process.

Note to the people:  where’s your cherpumple recipe?


Don’t tell my clients, but I’m off to work on my holiday centerpiece.

It's a work in progress!

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