Jet lag, newspapers, changing habits….

This morning I’m caught in an earlier time zone than the one my body is in.  So, I was up drinking coffee which triggers the desire to page through newspapers, but they aren’t here….

I see on the iPad that the Denver Post has dropped an updated app.  I think it’s better than previous versions, but I can’t put my finger on why.  I’m still not crazy about the fact that it’s really an iPhone app which I expand by 2X.  Come on people!

Then, there is the guilty pleasure of the New York Post on the iPad…..

The Post always grab your attention!

…..including the fun photos “you know where”:

Yes, I looked them all over this morning

And while reading other news articles,  The New York Times alerts me on the iPad of the impending royal wedding when that news dropped.

The Wall Street Journal continues to be a delight on the iPad.  Bravo!  Video on the Caterpillar – Bucyrus acquisition, Apple and the Beatles, and the new FaceBook messaging system.  More photos to enjoy than the paper product….too numerous to mention.

I could simply open up one of my laptops and browse the web version, but there’s something about the form factor of the iPad that is just great as your little companion at the breakfast table.

Just right with coffee and toast?

No wonder Mashable is currently talking about what a Christmas the iPad is going to have.   And yes, Samsung, Dell and others are hustling tablets out the door at more and more retail locations.  Black Friday, anyone?

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