Durability – delivering vs. claiming!

Jeep now tells us that “The Things We Make, Make Us” with a fairly large brand claim to durability and overall quality.  See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi0SbrrGaiw.  I truly hope they can deliver on asserting that they are of the quality of some of the finest American inventions of all time.

But to my ears, this is risky.  You are setting a very high bar.

Let me share two products that met that claim.  My 16 year-old Krups coffee pot which failed this morning.  Not that’s durability.

And my adorable tee shirt bought in Hong Kong 20 years ago which finally ripped.  Look at those colors after enumerable washings.

Two delivered quality and durability

Now that’s quality that I can vouch for.

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