The iPad at home

When Forrester doubled its forecast for iPads for 2010 and one of Apple’s key manufacturers announced a massive hire of new workers, I knew it was time to share more of my thoughts on the iPad.

When I have both the paper and the iPad option right in front of me, I am moving to doing my business reading on the iPad.  Easier form factor and the video clips are right there as well as color pictures.

Which form factor to use?

Now, you can’t really be completely spontaneous in that decision since when you reach for the iPad, you have to wait for The Journal to download.

Speaking of downloads, keep checking for Updates.  They pile up and they take a little bit of time to get downloaded.

So, if you impulsively grab the iPad, it slows you down while it gets ready for you.

But the Updates are worth it.  Love where The Weather Channel is going, for example!

Thanks to all who pointed out in my last post that I can get speakers for the iPad.  Apple just recommended a set but some buyer comments were mixed on sound quality.  Hmmm.   More to follow.

I suppose I could get going on researching this but I have to allow time for Solitaire on the iPad.

And to those of you who followed my guidance to download Angry Birds, it is not my fault that this is addictive.

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