Hassles, puzzles and joy!

My most recent paper copy of Fortune alerted me that I can now read Fortune on the iPad so off I go to check this out.

Which way to enjoy Fortune?

  1. Hassles:  As I have experienced before, big files like a magazine are quirky downloading.  You get download errors.  I never did get that Sports Illustrated issue downloaded and it took 3 or 4 shots to get the Fortune downloaded.  I have plenty of memory so I don’t understand the nature of the problem.
  2. Puzzles:  As I began the process of downloading the Fortune issue, I saw no mention of what my “deal” was going to be since I am a paper subscriber to the magazine.  Copy price on the iPad is $4.99.  But what is my “deal” since I am already a subscriber?  I emailed Customer Service with this very question.  And the answer came back that there is no deal for me.  I am one of the stupid people who is getting Fortune magazine and that’s my tough luck when it comes to the iPad version.
  3. Joy! As I have predicted in the past,  the iPad can be the making of magazines – showcasing more pix and video, keeping the issue current, making feedback easy etc.  And so it was, I:
    1. Enjoyed seeing the celebrity pix of shoppers at Trader Joe’s
    2. Found the video clip most interesting of Flipboard.  Brought the idea home in a more compelling manner than just the story.  (I’ll be exploring Flipboard further in later blog posts.)
    3. Relished seeing the actual examples of Salman Khan’s tutorials which really brought home the article, “Bill Gates’ Favorite Teacher”.  (Ooops, slight pause in composing this blog while I listen to the post about the French revolution.)
    4. Reflected on how times change when I looked over the pictures and timeline for Lehman Brothers over 100 years, including their assistance “some time ago” to a small retailer named Sears!

I’m looking forward to more magazines online and the offers they make to their print subscribers to make it a true multimedia experience.

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