45 Days+ with the iPad

First, I was writing about 15 days with the iPad, then 30 days, then 45 days, then…..

I’m so busy playing Angry Birds that I just can’t step away from my luscious iPad.

A complete addiction

But coming back to pluses and minuses.

  1. It’s a great device to travel with and leave the laptop at home if you are only consuming media vs. creating spreadsheets, documents etc.
  2. I’m glad to have the 3G as I know I will have signal without looking for wi-fi.  (Except in Montana and Wyoming – see my earlier post on that.)  In fact, I’ve found it very convenient at client sites to just bring the iPad.
  3. It’s a nice device for leaving on the kitchen counter and grabbing anytime.

    Waiting to be used!

    You might think that the laptop can perform the same function but it’s just bigger and has a higher profile.  Compare below:

    The laptop seems bulky and in the way....

  4. The iPad is great on the plane.  The form factor lets you sit with it in your lap without the guy ahead of you crushing your laptop when he puts the seat back.  (Flying tip:  get stuff downloaded before you go into Plane mode!)
  5. The iPad is so nice when sharing info with someone else.  Easy to tilt the iPad in any direction so your viewer can have a good look.  Great to grab to look up a location and both look at the route there.
  6. Now, this will make you laugh.  My two top applications are both major enhancements over the radio – an invention more than 100 years old.

    Wow - I've found a superior radio!!!

  7. I’m a huge user of Pandora and love that I can use the iPad wherever.  But my absolute favorite is using the NPR application and time-shifting various shows like Car Talk and putting individual reports into my playlist to hear them while I cook or tackle other tasks.

    This brings me to my top minus on the iPad.  The top sound level is TOO LOW.  If I am banging pots and pans, I can’t hear NPR.  The Sony gadget above (aka a radio) would produce more volume but not any on-demand programming.

  8. Netflix is very nice on the iPad for spontaneous entertainment.

So, overall, I come out that this is a superior media consumption device with great sharing features.  I could probably go on but I’ve got to get back to Plants vs. Zombies.

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