iPad – the first adventures!

Ten days with the iPad.

Here she is, with 3G!

Here are my pluses and minuses.


  1. AT&T network: How would they know that I would pick up the iPad and head off to Montana where I can only get some partner’s Edge network?  Very slow.  Not the time to download apps.  Some apps just don’t work
  2. AT&T network, while in the car in Wyoming: No network there either

    Beautiful country/no 3G

  3. Apps that are just ported over from the iPhone:  They seem sad!  In the little box surrounded by a sea of black.  If you expand them, you think you need new glasses.  Blurry.


  1. Love the size and weight: Workable in most handbags, gym bags, tote bags etc.

    The iPad can go with you in a medium-sized purse

  2. Easier to read than the paper at breakfast: The fun golf article in the Journal is nicer on the iPad than on the big paper when eating cereal.  I did a side by side test.
  3. Quite the co-pilot device in the car: I liked the form factor of the iPad sitting in my lap while I checked ball game scores, golf, directions, client email etc via 3G.  I just don’t think this would have been as nice with a laptop and the need to tilt the screen to view and then tilt back to type

    Very usable in the car/excellent device for the co-pilot!

  4. Multimedia experience great: Instead of just reading the BMW article in the paper, I was able to view the video about the car and check out the photos.
  5. Makes a great mirror: When off, you can definitely apply lipstick.  That screen is quite shiny (and full of finger marks)

How about on your end?

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