Adoption Cycle on LinkedIn

From my own experience and comments by those around me, there seem to be four stages on the adoption of LinkedIn:

  1. “What?”:  These folks have no profile yet.  Are really out of the loop.  This group seems small since LinkedIn figures are upwards of 60 million users.  Or is it by industry?  Or size of company?  Many sole practitioners do seem to be on LinkedIn but what about employees at medium-sized businesses?  Or is it those who are exceptionally secure in their current situation?
  2. “Bare Bones Profile”:  Users here have a profile, rarely a pix and often are somewhat out-of-date.  They get requests to be Linked with others, but rarely do it.  “Why” is their question.
  3. “Beefing It Up Group”:  These folks are really working to have a solid, up-to-date profile including picture, recommendations etc.  Making the obvious links to others.  100+ connections.  Is this only the job seekers who do this?  Many Bare Bones folks see LinkedIn as only for job search.  Are you only in the Beefing it Up group if you are in job search mode or fear you should be more active in advance of trouble?
  4. “True Tool”:  These folks have broken free of the Job Search mindset on LinkedIn and are using this to preview people they are meeting in partnership settings, asking and answering questions, staying up in their industries etc.  This is when LinkedIn is a True Tool.

Excuse me, I need to go Beef Up my LinkedIn profile!

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