Key Value-Added for Communications Companies?

Triple or quadruple play is becoming the standard for cable and telecom players serving the residential market.

Now the new opportunity center seems to be around small and medium business for the cable players with the telecom folks looking to secure that fortress.

But will this be largely a price game….shaking margin out of these customer segments?

Angles we see worth pursuing

  1. More aggressive industry specialization including tools and applications suited to these industries
  2. Outsourcing or forms of business process support that free the SMB players from dealing with every issue soup-to-nuts

But you may be thinking, added SG&A for these offerings? Will it pay? Will the offerings be world class?

We think one viable direction is to pursue software as service to fill application needs for SMB customers either given their industry profile or in support of business process needs they have in sales and marketing management, HR functions and the like.

Issues to Investigate

  • Which avenues make sense to pursue in sofware as service for SMB? How do you find the balance between meeting unique needs and not having too wide a portfolio of offerings?
  • Is a communications player a credible provider of software as service? For what segments? Or needs?
  • What value-added does the communications player offer?
  • What’s the business model for everyone to make money?
  • Is software as service going to continue to grow or have the logical applications been found and delivery issues solved?

We at Bright Beacon Partners help our clients explore growth opportunities from the conceptual, early consideration phase through business case and on into implementation.

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