Complementary more than Conflicted?

We’re  in the process of advising an agri-business start-up about customer segments, product configuration, branding, and other elements of their marketing plan.  Most people know us from our focus in the service sector, primarily in multimedia, broadband, telecommunications, information services and advertising.  So, what’s up with agri-business?

Strategically, we very much adhere to “stick to your knitting”:

  • Need to understand market space and expertise
  • Avoid adventures too far afield
  • Careful about what you really don’t know

Implications for us:

  • Don’t assume, ask questions, listen

Much caution around technology issues.  For example, when we did the branding work:

  • Make sure we understand what words mean in the target market
  • Especially when looking for something that might have double meanings

But there were some “evergreen” truths around our expertise in marketing, new products and strategy:

(Work in progress!  Please come back to see more.)

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